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Bug#653919: transition: KDE SC 4.7

On Sun, 2012-01-01 at 15:10 +0100, Pino Toscano wrote:
> I would like to request a slot for the KDE SC 4.7 transition. We are
> a bit late w.r.t. upstream releases, and we would like to get
> KDE SC 4.7.4 in testing before proceeding with the upcoming KDE SC 4.8
> (scheduled for the next month).

So, I think this is basically done.  As of this morning's britney run,
the kdebase-runtime, kdebase-workspace, kdebase, kdegraphics and kdeedu
source packages are no longer in testing.

As agreed on IRC, I removed koffice (as it was still waiting for builds
on some architectures) and ktorrent (to allow us to keep libktorrent3
around in testing and while we wait for the kdenetwork binNMUs to be
available on all architectures); they'll both be free to re-enter
testing once they're ready.

Please let us know if there's anything that still needs doing /
migrating in order for this to be considered "done".



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