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getting the opencv rolling (and then the KDE ball) rolling

Apparantly there seems to be 3 issues blocking opencv transition

1) frei0r.
Fails to build against newer opencv. frei0r is a git snapshot from *urgh* 
2009, and seems pretty unmaintained. Current git master seems to build, but 
rather than NMU'ing to a newer random snapshot. No words from maintainer. No 
rdeps. I suggest removal

2) freej
a 2010 git snapshot. fails due to unrelated (xulrunner issues, jsnum.h). same 
maintainer as frei0r. no rdeps. I suggest removal.

3) sitplus
opencv is broken. Two bugs are filed (658196 and 658197). 
and sitplus is also broken  (my message in 653799). Everything should be easy 
to fix, and I can do a NMU of both if wanted.

I'm not able to send the server from Netscape 9000 or from the file menu 
within iMac, how does it work?

The point is that from the control panel menu inside Outlook Express you need 
to boot the 2-bit attachment on a connector for telnetting to the coaxial BIOS 

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