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Bug#654174: Multiple binnmus for iceweasel 9

Hello Mike.

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (25/01/2012):
> I guess we may need to remove the 3 FTBFSing packages from testing.
> dak rm -Rn -s testing says:
>  - happy with removing dehydra,
>  - happy with removing openvrml,
>  - not happy with removing pyxpcom:
> | # Broken Depends:
> | sugar-browse-activity-0.84: sugar-browse-activity-0.84
> | sugar-browse-activity-0.86: sugar-browse-activity-0.86
> | sugar-hulahop: python-hulahop [amd64 armel i386 ia64 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 mips mipsel powerpc s390 sparc]
> | 
> | # Broken Build-Depends:
> | sugar-hulahop: python-xpcom (>= 1.9~rc2)
> One would need to investigate what to do with sugar-*.
> In the meanwhile, I scheduled binNMUs for couchdb and edbrowse (and
> dehydra, oops).

Those are ready, like pyxpcom which you uploaded yesterday. My hints
file currently says:
| # 2012/01/26 - iceweasel 9 transition (#654174)
| remove autofill-forms/
| age-days 5 uppity/1.5.8-3
| age-days 0 pyxpcom/1:9.0~hg20111212-1
| easy iceweasel/9.0.1-1 gxine/0.5.906-2 oolite/1.76-1 pyxpcom/1:9.0~hg20111212-1 uppity/1.5.8-3 -autofill-forms/

dehydra and openvrml don't seem to require any special handling for the
moment, so I left them alone for now.

According to my dry-run tests, that should let iceweasel migrate during
the next run, provided nothing from others' hint files interfere with
the above one (I'm starting little, so I only ran the dry-run tests with
my tiny hints file).

Once that's done, I'll see what to do with the old binaries in testing.


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