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Bug#655975: britney: needs to grok multi-arch


On Sun, 15 Jan 2012, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> britney will need to be taught to understand how to migrate packages in
> a world with cross-architecture dependencies.
> At the very least, things like "foo/i386 depends on bar:amd64" should
> work.  Might there be merit to also checking the values of the m-a
> control fields and verifying that the resulting migration makes sense?

You know that the current multi-arch spec doesn't allow this yet?

Currently, you only have to cope with dependencies like "bar:any". I don't even
think that you want to allow foo/i386 to migrate just because bar:amd64 is
available. All architectures should still be self-contained.

Howewer you might want to prepare for partial architectures where a subset
of package is recompiled and where the remaining packages are taken from a
"parent" architecture. Here you would have to be able to resolve
dependencies of the partial architecture packages with the packages of the
parent architecture, and allow those to migrate together.

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