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Re: Bug#655179: pastebinit does not read .conf files from ~/.pastebin.d/ directory

On Sun, 2012-01-15 at 14:12 +0800, Rolf Leggewie wrote:
> On 15.01.2012 00:09, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> > sounds like something I'd be okay with fixing in a point release.
> I've now taken the liberty to actually make the upload to stable.  Since
> a member of the release team needs to either ACK or reject this anyhow I
> thought we might as well do it on the real upload and save a step at
> this stage.

Yes, it needs an explicit manual ack before it moves in to
proposed-updates.  We still prefer to finalise the debdiff before the
upload occurs however, as repeated upload/reject cycles are annoying for
both sides.

Looking at the diff in the context of the original code, I'm a little
confused as to the intended functionality.  Assume that I
have /etc/pastebin.d/config1, /etc/pastebin.d/config2 and
~/.pastebin.d/config2.  What is the expected resulting set of
configuration files which will be used by pastebinit?  From reading the
comments in the source code I assumed that it would
be /etc/pastebin.d/config1 and ~/.pastebin.d/config2.  However, the list
of configuration files ("pastebind") is reset on each iteration of the
outer loop, meaning that afaict the result would actually be just



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