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Emdebian partial archives and testing migrations

I'm ready to move from working on unstable processing now to dependency
resolution for testing in Emdebian. We only have 10% of the packages in
Debian and I'll automate the process of adding packages to our list
when a package we already include gains a dependency which isn't
currently in the list.

The complication comes about when that updated package wants to migrate
into testing.

Say foo exists already in Emdebian and at some point in the future,
in unstable-grip and testing-grip in Debian. All dependencies of
foo are satisfied in unstable-grip and testing-grip. Now a new
version of foo gets uploaded to unstable with a new dependency on
libbar0 which wasn't included in Emdebian previously but is in Debian.
libbar0 hasn't needed an upload for a while and is already in testing
at the same version as unstable.

I can add libbar0 to Emdebian and unstable-grip via a package upload to
unstable. I want to check the release team preference for migrating
libbar0 in this case.

0: I could upload libbar0 to unstable-grip when my scripts check the
dependencies of libfoo2. This means that the release team scripts would
need to notice that libbar0 in unstable-grip needs to migrate to
testing-grip when it has already migrated in testing. Does britney
already do this? (Is this how armhf is being managed etc.?) How soon
would libbar0 migrate in that case - the next britney run or the same
time as foo?

1: I could upload libbar0 to a testing-grip queue as well as to
unstable-grip. This might need to be arranged with ftp-master and
involves two (almost identical) uploads.

Preferences? Alternatives?

I'm suspecting that 0 is the right choice but I want to be sure before
I write the code.


Neil Williams

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