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Bug#654237: Processed: relevant bugs for libav transition

unblock 654237 by 654230 641508 651625 652763 652061

Hi Reinhard,

Reinhard Tartler wrote:

> Are these bugs really blocking the upload of libav 0.8?

I am not the release team, but probably no.  Once there are only a few
left, the release team might signal that it is a convenient enough
time to upload and they can be fixed afterward.  And some packages can
be temporarily removed from testing to avoid slowing a transition down
too much.

Plus I was too lazy of a reader to notice that libav 0.8 is
ABI-compatible with libav 0.7, making this way easier than a typical
transition (so the random RC bugs are not actually relevant; only the
ftbfs bugs might be).  Actually I am not sure why this is called a
transition at all.


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