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Bug#653919: transition: KDE SC 4.7

On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 04:54:01PM +0530, dE . wrote:
> I'm using kde 4.7 on Gentoo and my migration had not been good
> because of upstream bugs, and I'm concerned about Debian for the
> same reason.

Migration from which version to which version? Could you please
check this *in* Debian before just saying anything else?
The packages are in experimental, go, test and report back with
useful information.

> For e.g. there's a taskbar bug which I've not reported yet, and
> there's a infamous Akonadi resource migration bug penetrating kmail
> and contact.

If you read the previous email, it does not include kmail or kontact.
(if you check the packages in experimental you will see kdepim
is not updated there yet)

> All in all I suggest -- brace for impact or wait longer before
> pushing to testing.

We are talking here about pushing to unstable, not to testing.

> These issues are mostly related to old kde configs in ~./kde4 (I had
> to clear a few), so fresh installs should not have issues, but
> upgrades may...

Old configs from which version?

Please, use Debian, learn how Debian development works and test things 
in Debian before answering another bug.


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