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Re: [SRM] updating ia32-libs and ia32-libs-gtk

Op woensdag 28 december 2011 13:08:05 schreef Thijs Kinkhorst:
> As usual I'd like to upload new versions of ia32-libs* to refresh the
> included  packages w.r.t. stable/security updates. The resulting
> changelogs of ia32-libs and ia32-libs-gtk are included below.
> ia32-libs-core does not require an update. I'll monitor the situation so
> we can always upload a newer version closer to the point release if need
> be.
> I'll send a separate email about lenny.
> Let me know if I can upload.

As for lenny, only an update to ia32-libs is needed:

ia32-libs (2.7+lenny3) oldstable; urgency=low

  * Update packages to their current versions in oldstable:
    - cups 1.3.8-1+lenny8 -> 1.3.8-1+lenny10
    - dbus 1.2.1-5+lenny1 ->  1.2.1-5+lenny2
    - freetype 2.3.7-2+lenny4 -> 2.3.7-2+lenny8
    - krb5 1.6.dfsg.4~beta1-5lenny4 -> 1.6.dfsg.4~beta1-5lenny7
    - libxml2 2.6.32.dfsg-5+lenny1 -> 2.6.32.dfsg-5+lenny4
    - openssl 0.9.8g-15+lenny9 -> 0.9.8g-15+lenny14
    - tiff 3.8.2-11.3 -> 3.8.2-11.5

 -- Thijs Kinkhorst <thijs@debian.org>  Wed, 28 Dec 2011 12:59:04 +0000


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