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Erlang R15B transition

Hi, Release team!

I'd like to upload the new Erlang R15B into unstable (already did it
into experimental). This is the new major version with a few
incompatibilities, so it requires a transition.

There aren't many packages which reverse-depend on Erlang. The full list is

couchdb, ejabberd, esdl, erlang-guestfs (libguestfs source),
manderlbot, rabbitmq-server, tsung, uwsgi-plugin-erlang (uwsgi
source), wings3d, yaws.

Packages which are maintained by "Erlang Debian Packagers" group are
already fixed to work with new R15B and uploaded into experimental.

The others require some testing:

ejabberd (certainly will not work, requires at least patching external
drivers and getting rid of 'regexp' module usage).
couchdb (could work after rebuild, but likely will require patching
external driver, see http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/erl_driver.html for
erlang-guestfs from libguestfs sources (should just work after rebuild).
rabbitmq-server (should not require any changes or rebuild).
tsung (uses 'regexp' in its build script)
uwsgi-plugin-erlang from uwsgi sources (should work as is)

I'd suggest to upload the packages which need fixes to experimental,
then Erlang to unstable, then all the packages to unstable. Since
Erlang drivers ABI is changed, the new R15B will provide virtual
package erlang-abi-15.b instead of current erlang-abi-13.b. This means
that neither erlang itself nor the packages which use this ABI and
depend on erlang-abi-* will not enter testing automatically and will
require manual hinting (which is OK).


Sergei Golovan

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