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Bug#650601: transition: libpng 1.5

On Sun, Dec  4, 2011 at 23:34:37 -0600, Steve M. Robbins wrote:

> If the API has changed, as Nobuhiro states above, it would be
> incorrect for the new -dev package to provide the old, wouldn't it?

No.  It would only be incorrect if the plan was to keep libpng12-dev
around as a real package.  Since the source package name was not
changed, I assume that's not the case.

> Nor can the provides be temporary; it would have to last until all the
> build-depends were changed, wouldn't it?
That's what temporary means.

> Wouldn't it be better, instead, to leave both old and new -dev
> packages in the archive until all 123 dependent packages are fixed?
There are 400 reverse dependencies of libpng.  I don't think source
changes to all of them (most just to switch a build-dependency) is a
good plan.


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