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Updating linux-2.6 for point release 6.0.3

Back in May, I prepared backports of several network drivers to squeeze.
However these did not receive much testing in time to upload them for
point release 6.0.2.

There has been some more testing since then, but still not as much as I
would like.  I believe that further testing will have to be requested
*after* uploading to stable-proposed-updates, since that suite is more
visible and trusted by users than a private page on people.debian.org.

There are also several upstream 'longterm' updates still to be
incorporated into squeeze.  I briefly reviewed these and think they
should be OK to apply, but I'll open bugs for them anyway.

Finally, there is a pending security update for squeeze
(2.6.32-35squeeze1).  I would like to see this released first so that
the s-p-u upload (2.6.32-36) can include its fixes.


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