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Upload libpqxx3

Hello Release team,

I'm about uploading a new version of libpqxx3 (version 3.1). Currently 3.0 is in the
Library change version from 3.0 to 3.1.

The only reverse depends on libpqxx3 is kexi (specifically the kexi-plugin-postgresql
package). This package has an hard dependency on libpqxx-3.0. So this is gonna
break the build.

I want to remove libpqxx as this is an old version and not supported anymore. The
only package still depends on this library is player. There is already a bug asking
for moving on to the new version. (#623082) I already build this package with the
new version of libpqxx without any problems.

Can I proceed with the upload and remove the old library?


Matthijs Möhlmann

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