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[RFC] Problems regarding automatic binNMUs


In debian-installer we have a status file that is used to warn the
users depending if their language is not full translate. Currently
when we prepare the release upload we run a script that downloads the
source of all udebs and prepare a table of the level of translation to
each language (example attached).

With the use of binNMUs to gather new updates in unstable we will face
a problem of how to update this file in the source. My current
proposal is:

* For each udeb upload:
  * DAK stores into a table the number of strings and the number of
translations for each language
  * DAK stores a similar file into
dists/<foo>/main/Translation-Status-udeb.txt with the proper values

With it, the installer, during the build can download it and keep it
updated regarding the translation status of every language

Comments, welcome ;-)

Otavio Salvador                             O.S. Systems
E-mail: otavio@ossystems.com.br  http://www.ossystems.com.br
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