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binNMUs for gtk+2.0 / pango1.0 multiarch changes / la file removal


I've just uploaded gtk+2.0_2.24.5-4 and pango1.0_1.28.4-2
Both were converted to multiarch.
As a result the location of the .la file has changed so rdeps referencing the
old .la files will be broken.

I checked the list at [1] for library packages which would be broken by that
change. The list is rather short, so I decided against adding workarounds and
create compat symlinks to the old location and used the opportunity to remove
the .la files completely.

Instead I'd like you to schedule binNMUs for the affected packages.

The following packages reference the .la files from both gtk and pango, so they
need a dep-wait on both gtk+2.0_2.24.5-4 and pango1.0_1.28.4-2:

- abiword
- guile-gnome-platform
- xmedcon
- unicap
- vdk2
- vdkxdb2 (needs to be binNMUed after vdk2)
- illuminator
- lttv
- osm-gps-map
- stage
- subtitleeditor
- valatoys
- vdkbuilder2

The following packages need a dep-wait on pango1.0_1.28.4-2 only:
- vips
- pango-graphite
- oopango

It has to be noted that the following packages currently have RC bugs filed
because they ftbfs:
- abiword (#628267)
- guile-gnome-platform (#634292)
- unicap (#621954)
- vdk2 (#621947)
- stage (#569485)
- vdkbuilder2 (#621951)

The stage and vdk* package look pretty much neglected and unmaintained to me, so
removing them might be an alternative. But I'll leave that to your judgement.


[1] http://release.debian.org/~aba/la/current.txt
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