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amoreti -- Automated reMOvals fRom tEsTIng


Yesterday, I've wrote a tool which I called "amoreti" (which
stands for "Automated reMOvals fRom tEsTIng") [1].

amoreti looks at deb822 like files that contain a list of packages
with problems. For each package, we specify the list of bugs that
annoy us (Debian) somehow (transition, big breakage, orphaned and
buggy, etc...).

amoreti is available on: franck:~mehdi/code/release-tools/amoreti

(It is my first program in Python, so do not be hard with me :p)

Each entry in the file is of this sort:

  Package: source package name
  Version: affected version
  Bugs: space separated list of bugs
  Deadline: date
+ Suite: testing or unstable
+ Reason: a multi-line text to explain why it is being removed

(Fields marked by a '+' sign are optional)

Basically, amoreti goes through the list and checks for every
package if it is still affected. If the said package doesn't exist
in the considered suite, or if all listed bugs have been fixed, it
removes the entry from the file. If suite is 'testing', it checks
if bugs have been fixed in 'unstable' already and reports if it is
true. The last step is to check if 'Mail-Sent' is present and sends
a mail if it is not. When deadline is reached, it outputs a removal
hint on its standard output.

So, what amoreti does if fairly basic but should do what we need.

amoreti is, let's say, 90% complete but needs enhancements to consider
it as done:
- If some package is scheduled for removal, but listed bugs are fixed
  in 'unstable' already, do we output a 'hint' hint or still a 'removal'

- How do we setup it on franck? Should any interested member just cron
  it for his own use, or install it only once for all team members?
  If the latter, do you have ideas on how to do that?

- For now, amoreti should send a mail to debian-devel@lists.debian.org
  and $source@packages.debian.org. I found the replies on systemtap's
  tiny thread quite interesting. So, it makes sense for me to send a mail
  to -devel. Should we also CC debian-release@lists.debian.org?

Any feedback on the tool or answers to my questions is more than welcome.
I tested it and it worked pretty well in my tests. But, there might be still
some bugs that I didn't encounter yet. I'd be glad to have bug reports :)
There is a test file (Format.bak) next to amoreti. Rename it to Format before
running amoreti.

Kind Regards,

Mehdi Dogguy

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