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Release Goals (documentation etc.)


I already mentioned this on IRC, but for good measure.  I have put up a
draft for Release Goal documentation[1].  While I was writing it, I
realised that we encourage the usage of usertags and require that the
advocate to keep track of process...
   So I figured we could do the advocates a favour and make some script
that could measure progress on usertagged bugs.  I have written a small
prototype script in python[2] that can be used as a basis.
  Unfortunately, my python-fu is not that good (but franck only had the
python module for it).  So I hope someone can pick it up from here; my
alternative is to request the relevant perl modules on release.d.o and
write it in perl.


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ReleaseTeam/ReleaseGoals

[2] release.debian.org:~nthykier/bin/usertag-tracker.py

usertag-tracker.py <user> <tag> [... tags]

usertag-tracker.py codehelp@debian.org la-file-removal

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