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Uploading linux-2.6 (3.0.0-1)

I intend to upload linux-2.6 version 3.0.0-1 to unstable tomorrow.

Aside from upstream changes, the main changes are:
  * [x86] block, xen: Enable XEN_BLKDEV_BACKEND as module
    - This means x86 kernels (except for the 486 flavour) are now
      suitable for running in Xen dom0
  * Make gcc-4.5 the default compiler (except for alpha, hppa and m68k)
  * Restore xen-linux-system-<version>-<flavour> packages
  * Remove 'provides' for virtual packages with the '-2.6' suffix

If it's ready in time, we may also be able to add an 'rt' (real-time)
featureset, initially for amd64 only.


Ben Hutchings
Absolutum obsoletum. (If it works, it's out of date.) - Stafford Beer

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