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Re: Considering removal of simgear from testing

Hello All,

I am the uploader for the fgrun package and have played about with the
FlightGear related packages in Debian. I believe that both of #556348
and #622059 can be fixed quite easily, but using the upstream source as
is, simgear cannot be built with libopenscenegraph-dev 3.0.0-2 (I can
build it with 2.8.3-7). 

Now, the next FlightGear release (and thus simgear release) will happen
very soon. In the words of one developer, they are currently on the
"final approach" (pun probably intended)[1]. I intend to try and package
this new release, but it will be slow as I have not started yet and I
intend to pretty much start from scratch in terms of packaging. This is
because I want to experiment with using git for the packaging (because
upstream uses git to manage the source code), also, upstream does not
support building simgear as a set of shared libraries. 

So, as I understand it, if you want version 3.0.0 of openscenegraph in
testing, you might need to remove simgear and the other packages in the
mean time, until I (or someone else) can update them? 



P.S: I would like to very much thank Christian Kastner for emailing me
about this so I was aware of it, as I was not subscribed to this list (I
do now). 


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