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The SONAME bump of glew

Hi Joost

It has come to our attention that you have bumped the SONAME of the glew
libraries.  Unfortunately we do not see any records of you informing us
of this library transition.  There is now a risk that this will stall
the poppler transition that we were hoping to finish soon[0].

I will file the transition bug for you this time and I will ask you to
follow up on it with any relevant information you may have.  In the
future, please file a transition bug against the pseudo package
release.debian.org (reportbug has a template for it).
  Also please verify that the list of affected packages at [1] are
correct.  In case we have missed any, please follow up to the transition


[0] Due to koffice

[1] http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/glew1.6.html

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