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Re: Analysis of the gnome3 transitions

Am 12.07.2011 09:01, schrieb Michael Biebl:
> Am 13.04.2011 15:03, schrieb Mehdi Dogguy:

>>> 3. devhelp
>>>         It is almost a self-contained transition (devhelp + anjuta).
>>>         AFAICT it can be done at any time.
>> and, anjuta-extras I guess. If everything needed is already ready in
>> sid/wheezy, you can go ahead with this.
> This took a bit longer, since we needed webkit 1.4 for this.
> As soon as webkit has been succefully built on all archs[1] I'm planning to
> start this transition.
> This would involve:
> devhelp, anjuta, anjuta-extras, gtkpod (libanjuta rdep)

I forgot to add: All those package are ready in experimental and just need to be
moved to sid.


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