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launchpad-work-items-tracker: flexible enough for Debian?

Hi Martin,

I noticed launchpad-work-items-tracker and status.l.o/status.u.c and was
wondering how flexible it is and how closely tied to launchpad it is?
Since Debian doesn't use launchpad we would need the possibility to
replace the data collection and storage.

I think that work-items-tracker could be useful in Debian too, for
example the release team's release goals or in the DEX project for the
work on merging Ubuntu changes into Debian. Possibly different teams
would want to be able to setup instances too.

For the release team, I guess the data backend bits would be some flat
files, the Debian bug tracker and release team usertags.

For DEX I guess Nathan Handler can comment, since he is doing a GSoc
project that will be used to track merges from derivatives.

Also, I can't find any license or copyright information in the source
code (trunk) but the launchpad page says GPLv3, could you add license
and copyright information to the source too?



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