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Re: Bug#632406: FTBFS: configure fails, missing 'gdcmConfigure.h'

Hi Cyril,

On Mon, Jul 04, 2011 at 03:05:30PM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> tag 632406 patch
> thanks
> Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> (04/07/2011):
> > so this would potentially block the upcoming poppler transition.  We
> > are unable to rebuild gdcm due to bug #632406
> Here's a *NASTY* patch which makes gdcm build again. Please let me know
> if you want my NMUing it, and when.

I can not speak for the medical imaging experts who usually care for
this package.  However, considering that this issue is blocking other
packages I would consider it apropriate to issue a 0-day NMU.  In case
other changes are needed we might fix this in another upload.

Thanks for your work on this


PS: Please try to commit your changes to SVN once you uploaded.  The
    Debian Med SVN should be writable for any DD.  It seems to have
    lost this feature in the Alioth migration but I just asked for it
    and hope it will be back soonish.  Just ping me if it does not
    work and I'll apply your changes manually once the source package
    is avialable.


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