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Bug#632352: pu: package httpcomponents-client/4.0.1-1

tag 632352 + squeeze moreinfo


On Fri, 2011-07-01 at 12:16 -0430, Miguel Landaeta wrote:
> I have prepared an upload to fix #628727 / CVE-2011-1498.
> This bug affects httpcomponents-client 4.0.1-1 in stable.
> Also affected 4.0.3-2 in testing and unstable but Tony Mancill kindly
> sponsored my upload for 4.1.1-1 that fix this issue there.

Thanks for working on this.

> I'm attaching the backported patch that fix this issue and the updated
> package meant for squeeze.

Please could you provide a debdiff between the current stable source
package and your proposed update? (i.e. debdiff $stable.dsc $new.dsc)

Has the package been tested on stable to ensure that the changes do not
introduce any functionality regressions?



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