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Bug#630897: ace: source includes non DFSG-free DDS spec


ace_5.7.7.orig.tar.gz includes a non DFSG-free specification .pdf file:
ptc_09-10-26 DDS4CCM v1-0 WCB.pdf

Sam reported bug #63097[1] about this issue, thanks to him for pointing
this out.

ace packages 5.7.7-4 are distributed in Debian stable. The non-free
.pdf is not distributed in the binary packages, and later releases of
the source tarballs no longer include the non-free file (the .pdf is not
included in source packages of Debian unstable).

Should I upload a new ace-dfsg_5.7.7.orig.tar.gz without the pdf file
to s-p-u, and request for its inclusion in the next stable update?



[1] http://bugs.debian.org/630897

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