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Re: Trinity

On Sat, 11 Jun 2011 12:25:30 +0200
rhismail@vodamail.co.za wrote:

> Hello, I have been a Debian user since 5.0.3. 

This query is best directed at the debian-user mailing list.


> I recently got 6.0.1a and was perplexed to find out that kde3 was removed.

Nobody was willing to maintain KDE3 separately from KDE4 in Debian. The
volunteers in Debian wanted to work on KDE4.


> I found out that Timothy Pearson is continuing development of kde3,  called Trinity. 

It was discussed within Debian - the result was that nobody was willing
and able to do the work to maintain KDE3/Trinity. It's a lot of work.

> I'd like to know if the source dvd's of Debian include a build order or buildscript and how do I build deb packages

apt-get source

or use apt-build.

Please direct questions to the debian-user list. Release is not the
right forum for this discussion.


Neil Williams

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