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swt-gtk migration to testing


We're trying to migrate to swt-gtk 3.6.1, and have updated all dependant
packages in unstable. However, it seems the migration is stalled,
probably because the binary packages have changed name. My guess is that
it needs some intervention to cause all the packages to transition at
the same time:

trying: swt-gtk
skipped: swt-gtk (163 <- 10)
    got: 21+0: i-21
    * i386: azureus, libflamingo-java, libtrident-java, tuxguitar,
tuxguitar-alsa, tuxguitar-fluidsynth, tuxguitar-jack, tuxguitar-jsa,
tuxguitar-oss, vuze, zekr

All the dependant packages appear to be ready to transition. How should
we go about achieving the transition?

Andy Ross

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