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Re: Bug#626559: postgresql-8.4: pg_upgrade_fix/8.4.8 needed for stable/squeeze

On Sun, 2011-05-22 at 15:40 +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello Ivan, hello release team,
> Ivan Kohler [2011-05-12 15:49 -0700]:
> > http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/20110408pg_upgrade_fix
> As Debian primarily uses pg_upgradecluster it wasn't that urgent, but
> I do realize that people on squeeze want to play around with
> upgrading to 9.0 (although for that you should use 9.0's pg_upgrade).

Is this issue of sufficient import to warrant an explicit mention in the
point release announcement mail, beyond the standard one-liner in the
list of updated packages?  I have to admit that I don't know how common
TOAST tables are.

> Nevertheless, the upgrade also fixes other bugs [1], and as there have not
> been any regression reports so far, I think it is safe to allow 8.4.8
> into squeeze now. I uploaded 8.4.8-0squeeze1 to the stable queue. It
> passes the upstream and postgresql-common integration test suite. The
> only packaging diff is the changelog.

Thanks.  Given upstream's past record I don't expect any particular
surprises but I'd still like to find time to go through the diff in a
little more detail.

> I can build an upstream debdiff if you want me to, but I suppose you
> generate those with debdiff on queue processing anyway?

They're auto-generated by the queue processing tools once they spot the
upload (so within 30 minutes of the upload hitting p-u-NEW).  Manually
generated diffs are more useful for allowing us to consider prospective
changes before they get uploaded. :-)



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