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klibc 1.5.20 stable/oldstable update


2 commits of klibc 1.5.22 are candidates for stable fixes:

* [klibc] ipconfig: comment new escape function
  security fix for CVE-2011-0997 type vulnerability
  corresponding cve requested but not yet given out.

* [klibc] ipconfig: Only peek and discard packets from specified device.
  This fixes netbooting on boxes with several connected network dev.
  (the commit is on the largeish size, but got tested together with 1.5.20)

concerning oldstable only the first one should be fixed.
ipconfig has deeper troubles there.

if acked by SRM I'd upload a klibc-1.5.20-2 with just the 2 aboves fixes
for stable and a 1.5.12-3 for oldstable with just the first fix?



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