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Heads up: update for e2fsprogs intended for stable-proposed-updates

Hi there,

I've uploaded to unstable packages for e2fsprogs_1.41.12-3.  It is
intentionally a very selective bugfix-only update for

  * Fix signed vs. unsigned char bug in getopt in e2fsprogs which
    afflicts systems with default unsigned char
  * Fix bug in e2fsck where it would fail to fix file systems
    where both the primary and backup block group descriptors are
    corrupted.  (Addresses Ubuntu Launchpad bug: #711799)
  * Fix package description: fsck has been moved to util-linux
    (Closes: #588726)
  * Fix badblocks so it the progress message correctly handles UTF-8
    characters for I18N systems (Closes: #583782, #587834)
  * Prevent e2fsck from accidentally scrambling a file system when
    checking a snapshot which has an external journal device (which has
    not been snapshotted).  (Closes: #587531)
  * Fix inode nlink accounting that would lead to very scary PROGRAMMING
    BUG errors.  (Closes: #555456)
  * Fix typos, spelling mistakes, spelling-out-the-obvious-to-clueless-
    sysadmins, etc. in man pages.  (Closes: #589345, #594004, #580236,
    #591083, #505719, #599786)

The critical bugs that I'd really like to get out into stable are the
Ubuntu Launchpad #711799, which is a regression that will cause e2fsck
to fail to fix certain classes of corrupted file system, and bug
#555456.  I considered #587531 to be important since it could lead to
loss of data, although not that many people use external journals.
Everything else are textual updates to man pages and to the package

I assume the process is that we wait for this to go into testing, and
then someone (I assume from the release team?) moves it into the
stable-proposed-updates queue?

If there's anything else I need to do, please let me know.

Thanks, regards,

						- Ted

P.S.  There is also e2fsprogs_1.41.14-1 in experimental, which is a more
aggressive set of changes, but I've been assuming you want something
much more conservative for stable-proposed-updates.

Very soon, I will be uploading a 1.42-rc release into experimental,
which will eventually be going into unstable and testing, once 1.41.12
has been promoted to stable-proposed updates.

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