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NMU of mdadm for squeeze-proposed-upates

Hello to the release team!

I would like to upload a fix for #598957 in Squeeze.


It seems that there is a consensus for this fix:

-echo "$PROGNAME: I: selecting $ionice I/O scheduling class for resync
of $array." >&2
+[ "$quiet" -lt 1 ] && echo "$PROGNAME: I: selecting $ionice I/O
scheduling class for resync of $array." >&2

I understand that this isn't a RC bug per say. But when you run a large
server farm, receiving a mail from each server every month can really be
annoying. So there must be a huge number of server administrators
annoyed every 1st Sunday of the month by this issue since they upgraded
to Squeeze.

Martin f. Krafft (Madduck) said that he wouldn't be available to manage
the issue (as he is moving home), and already expressed his agreement
for the NMU.

Would the release team accept that I do this tiny modification, and NMU
it to squeeze-proposed-updates, to avoid the useless warning annoyance
sent by email every month?

Looking forward to have your opinion,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: I do not intend to fix the issue about the auto-read-only thing
with this upload, unless others make a clear point that it should be,
and that there's a *consensus* about it. Also, it doesn't affect
everyone, while the one scheduling class thing does.

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