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Bug#624514: RM: libdc0 [armel] -- RoM; FTBFS

reassign 624514 ftp.debian.org

On Fri, 2011-04-29 at 11:29 +0200, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> * Maia Kozheva <sikon@ubuntu.com> [110429 09:35]:
> > The Qt 4 version libdc0 has been failing to build on armel for a long time now 
> > (due to failing a test). As Qt 3 is being phased out, I suggest removing libdc0 
> > on armel to at least let it enter testing.
> Removals from the testing branch are done by the release team,

Source removals, yes.  Binary removals from testing _aren't_ done,
rather the binaries are removed from unstable.

In any case, this appears to be a removal request for unstable, so
belongs to ftp.d.o.

> so I
> reassing this bug accordingly.

Likewise. :-)

Hmmm.  However, there don't actually appear to be any armel libdc0
packages in unstable to remove - they were actually removed by Alexander
already, in #603396, so maybe this should just be closed instead.

Maia - I've just downgraded #598370 to important, as the armel packages
aren't in unstable any more.  Please ensure that a new upload is made
which removes armel from the Architecture line, and fixes #622020 as the
latter bug *is* blocking the migration.



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