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Bug#623529: pu: package git/1:

On Wed, 2011-04-20 at 17:58 -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> > git-daemon-run wants to be removed and purged in steps separated by a sleep
> > of a second or so.  Otherwise userdel fails with "user gitlog is currently
> > logged in".
> I would be interested in fixing this in squeeze.  The fix has only
> been in sid for four days but I've been using it locally for a month
> or so (and purging git-daemon-run now and then) without problems.
> What do you think?

Overall the patch looks sane and targetted enough for a stable update;
thanks for that.

Is the switch from "git-daemon" to "/etc/sv/git-daemon" here
intentional?  The man page for "sv" in Squeeze sounds like it wants the
former, but I may be missing something.

> -sv force-stop git-daemon 2>/dev/null || :
> +sv force-shutdown /etc/sv/git-daemon 2>/dev/null || :



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