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Re: Bug#623378: patch for #623378

On Wednesday 20 April 2011 05:22:35 Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:


The patch Thomas Schmitt referred to from here:


is attached below in debdiff form (applies cleanly to 0.8.0.pl00-2), and
resolves the permissions of test.iso from the simple use case:

 rm -f test.iso
 umask 022
 mkdir test
 touch test/test
 xorriso -as mkisofs test -o test.iso

I propose this patch for the next stable release to resolve #623378. If
that's OK, please let me know and i'll upload to proposed-updates.


Thanks for the debdiff! The change is pretty safe in my opinion.

P.S. sorry for the unsigned message of mine, as I'm on the road, away
from my key... I'll see if I need to do something more when I get back.

pub 4096R/0E4BD0AB <people.fccf.net/danchev/key pgp.mit.edu>

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