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Re: [SRU] kupfer_0+v201-2+squeeze1

Il 14/04/2011 23:29, Philipp Kern ha scritto:
> After staring at the code a little longer: what keybinder returns from that
> function is a guint32, so shouldn't it be TYPE_UINT?  And why does it
> overflow?  I guess the reason it overflows comes from the X server (where
> it's a CARD32 so uint32, too).  It's not entirely clear to me why, though.

After talking with Ulrik (upstream developer), he made me notice current
upstream code has TYPE_UINT, so using it should be a better choice. He
told me this bug could be caused by X server being active for a lot of
time, making its timestamp bigger than the variable defined by Kupfer.

Would the same upload, using TYPE_UINT instead, be acceptable?


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