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Bug#617272: python3 transition binNMUs

Please go ahead with the following binNMUs:

gearman-interface	 python3-gearman.libgearman
jinja2	 python3-jinja2/-dbg
lxml	 python3-lxml/-dbg
py-postgresql	 python3-postgresql
python-bsddb3	 python3-bsddb3/-dbg
python-drizzle	 python3-drizzle/-dbg
pyyaml	 python3-yaml/-dbg
sip4	 python3-sip/-dbg/-dev
mod-wsgi libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3
markupsafe python3-markupsafe/-dbg

A maintainer upload of python-apt has been done, so it's taken care of and 
boost will have to wait for a sourceful upload anyway, so that should be the 
full list.

The other sourceful upload packages have been taken care of.

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