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Bug#613735: Acknowledgement (transition: gobject-introspection)

On 22/03/11 00:42, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> Great! There's no hurry for seed to migrate, so I've started the transition.

What is still left (red columns in the migration page):

- telepathy-glib
- buzztard

I've just uploaded these two dropping the gir1.0 bindings.

- udev

I've prepared a patch. Marco will look at it over the weekend.

- midgard2-core

Would need gda bindings, but libgda4 from experimental isn't ready for
experimental yet (the tests fail on several arches). So I'll most likely ask the
maintainer to drop the gir1.0 bindings for now.

- libdbusmenu
- libindicate

Evgeni has uploaded the former (it's in NEW atm) and says he will upload the
latter soonish.

- seed
- epiphany-extensions-more

I have patches for these. Just need to test that they still work fine and will
upload them.


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