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Re: d-i decruft in sid

On Sun, 27, Mar, 2011 at 08:42:38AM +0200, Christian PERRIER spoke thus..
> This is sid/ right?


> If so, I don't really see why we need to keep version older than the
> last released, ie 20110106 (+b1).

That's the version in testing so that makes sense.

> I don't see the value added in keeping old D-I releases as the archive
> is not an historical archive.

Agreed, and they will still be on snapshot anyways.

> So, I'd say "keep 20110106+b1 when it's here and the latest one when
> it is not).

Ok, I'll wait for confirmation from other -boot people but as soon as I
hear back, I'll clean all but the latest images from unstable for each


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