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[SRM] Updates for samba 3.5.6

(2nd attempt at this. The first I sent some days ago was incomplete,
as pointed by Adam. Moreover, it wasn't clear that we weren't
targeting the 6.0.1 release)


The samba packaging team would like to upload a new version of samba
3.5.6 in squeeze (that would be 2:3.5.6~dfsg-3squeeze3).

That version fixes three/four important bugs that make samba unusable
in some situations (the first two are likely to be the same bug):

    - Upstream bug 7567: printing from Windows 7 fails with 0x000003e6.
      Closes: #617429
    - Upstream bug 6727: printer device settings not saved for normal
      domain users. Closes: #611177       
    - Upstream bug 7777: winbind leaks gids with idmap ldap backend
      Closes: #613624
    - Upstream bug 7880: rpcclient deldriver does not remove drivers
      from all architectures.

The first two are fixes by patches in attached

Next is fixed by the twp patches in
bug_613624_upstream_7777.tar.bz2. Adam indeed already acked this one.

Last bug is fixed by the patch in upstream_7880.tar.bz2. This one is
severity important for anyone running a print server with samba 3.5.6.

Those patches were cherry-picked from upstream's 3.5.8 released
version (these bugs are confirmed fixed in samba 3.5.8).

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