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Re: Bug#612032: tesseract: rewrite arbitrary user file

Hi Adam,

On 6 March 2011 00:18, Adam D. Barratt <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> wrote:
> - Testing and unstable have tesseract 2.04-2.1, so the package for
> stable would need to have a lower version than that.  I'd suggest 2.04-2
> +squeeze1, which is conventional.

Sure. This will be my first contribution directly to stable or
oldstable, as I am sure you can tell. I've updated the oldstable
package to also conform.

There was no mention of the convention in the Developers'
Reference[1]. Is this worth a bug report?

> - It would be nice if the reasoning for the quilt build-dep bump was
> mentioned.  My suspicion is that this is due to the use of "dh
> --with-quilt" triggering a lintian warning but this isn't really
> necessary for stable as the relevant quilt version is already included
> there (and the warning has thus been dropped by the version of lintian
> in experimental).

I've dropped it, assuming you are correct, and asked Jakub Wilk, who
prepared the original NMU, to confirm.

>> Would you like separate bugs to be opened for each distribution? At
>> the moment, the same sid/wheezy bug is quoted/closed.
> That's fine (and the right way to do it).

Sorry, but your answer is ambigious. Would you like the extra two bugs
opened (and closed)?

I would also suggest that the Developers' Reference could be improved
to confirm this, one way or the other.




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