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Re: libjpeg-dev dependency (bug 610862)

On Thu, Mar  3, 2011 at 18:04:29 -0500, Jay Berkenbilt wrote:

> Where did we eventually land on the correct way to make a dependency on
> libjpeg's dev package?  libtiff4-dev depends on libjpeg-dev (and tiff
> build-depends on libjpeg-dev), which I believe was explicitly done
> during the libjpeg62 to libjpeg8 transition, which got confused at some
> point.  Anyway, a user complains in bug 610862 that libtiff4-dev depends
> on libjpeg-dev and shouldn't, but before I change it, I wanted to find
> out what I should be doing now.  I could change to something like
> libjpeg-dev | libjpeg8-dev or even to libjpeg8-dev | libjpeg-dev (or the
> libjpeg62-dev versions of the above), but I thought by using
> libjpeg-dev, I was protecting my package against having to be
> re-uploaded in the event of a jpeg transition.  I could look at the
> current state, but that doesn't necessarily tell me what the long-term
> plans are.
That bug is invalid, your package is fine.


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