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Bug#613848: Transition to OCaml 3.12.0...

Le 10/02/2011 10:12, Sylvain Le Gall a écrit :
> I also have a pair of packages to update (sexplib, type-conv, bin-prot,
> ounit). Since some of them will break the distribution and should
> trigger the need to binNMU some other packages, I am not sure how to
> proceed: 1) upload new version during the transition, 2) do it before
> and ask for binNMU or 3) do it before and don't ask for binNMU

I've just realized that the last upstream release of type-conv and
sexplib310 don't compile with ocaml 3.11.2. So for these two, we have no
choice, we have to do 1).

I've updated sexplib310 packaging in git, and upstream changes look
pretty invasive (we are several versions behind). Work has to be done to
make sure all rdeps build, and I'd rather stick to the version currently
in unstable if this work is not done before we start the OCaml transition.

The latest upstream of type-conv seems to be already packaged in git.
Sylvain, what are your feeling about updating it during OCaml
transition? If you are unsure, I've got a patch to make the version
currently in unstable compile with OCaml 3.12.

ounit is already in experimental and seems ready to be part of #613848
(but I'd like to have confirmation).

I've updated bin-prot packaging in git, and upstream changes look
innocuous. I'm planning to make it part of #613848.



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