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Re: please unblock OOo 3.2.1-11+squeeze2 for CVE-2010-3450

On Wed, January 26, 2011 17:00, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> *sigh*. Obviously when preparing the first security update for squeeze/sid
> in
> August I was not concentrated enough, and on rechecking the diff I must
> have
> simply overseen it :/
> The patch itself is there and applied but it's not picked up by the build
> because one hunk is missing.
> After discussion with the testing-security people (Raphael Geissert) it
> was  decided to fix this with a -12 (well, I've choosen 11+squeeze2)
> upload to sid.

I'd forgotten how much fun reading OOo's diff-of-diff-of-diff is. :-/

Unblocked, if only because the majority of the changes are already "in the
wild" via testing-security.



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