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Re: Squeeze updates for ia32-libs{,-gtk}


am Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 05:35:58PM +0100 hast du folgendes geschrieben:
> The packages are just too bulky to be updating them with a DSA frequently.
> We therefore propose that we update ia32-libs* in every point release, iff
> there are relevant changes since the previous point release of course.
> Only for truly critical issues will we be issuing a DSA for ia32-libs*.
> I'm committing myself to tracking ia32-libs* and preparing the update for
> the point releases. I'm not sure who exactly will be the SRM for squeeze
> but I'd like to hear if they agree with this plan.

I'm ok with that, given that it can be automatically checked.  We have to watch
any ABI bumps, though.  But they shouldn't happen, given that it doesn't
include libs from BIND.  ;-)

> I've refreshed the packages and added two changes that I think are
> important for proper support for the squeeze lifetime: adding
> security.debian.org to the mirrors list and not disabling secure APT to
> download the packages. Please see attached debdiffs, built packages are
> here: http://loeki.tv/~thijs/ia32/

The upload should go through unstable, please ping me after it happened.

> I'm not updating ia32-libs-core since the packages contained in that have
> seen no significant changes since the last upload.

ia32-libs-core is a pain, though.  It has a popcon of 0, and I'm pretty sure
that nobody actually tested its operation, not even the maintainers.

I wonder if we should remove any traces of ia64 in the ia32* stuff instead.

> Depending on how long it will take until the actual squeeze release I may
> come round once again if there are more changes that warrant another
> upload. In any case we will catch the last bits in squeeze r1 as per
> above.


Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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