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Bug#603982: unblock unscd

Good morning,

we (Sysadmins at ETH Zurich) would be very happy to see unscd unblocked.

nscd is broken for YEARS and nobody cared (*) about it. Don is
probably the only person in the Debian area, who took
responsibilty and created a VERY GOOD replacement (**).

IF you haven't run a large scale LDAP infrastructure,
you probably cannot understand the need for unscd.

We had/have to patch all our Debian machines, because
nscd is practically unusable (see various other bugs).

Please, take this chance now to end this disaster once
and forever.



(*) Not completly true, but nobody finished the transition
    to unscd so far nor was pushing it like Don does with
    his work.

(**) No, the limit of not being able to use the full caching
     capabilities is not making it unusable. Instead, as it
     is the only stable nscd version out there, it's way more
     than only acceptable, but a major requirement for large

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