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Re: Bug#598389: Unblock request for suricata 1.0.2

On 12/01/2010 10:48 PM, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> I've just had a quick look at your t-p-u upload for suricata.  Without
> getting too far in to checking the patches themselves, one thing that I
> noticed is that the diff adds nine new patches to debian/patches but
> debian/patches/series is only eight lines long.
> 0012-moving-http_client_body-logic-to-use-it-per-transact.patch is
> mentioned neither in debian/patches/series, nor the changelog; was it
> intended to be included in the package, or is it simply cruft which
> {sh,c}ould be ignored when reviewing the diff?

Hi Adam,

Good catch: this patch was a candidate for inclusion, but was not
included because it is not a bugfix (and cause a conflict). I forgot to
remove it from disk (and it is pretty big: 57k) so it should be ignored
for the review. If you think the size is a problem, just tell me I'll
resend a package without this patch.


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