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cron: do these bugs warrant RC?

Hello RT,

Recently, bugs were filed both with Debian (#604181) and Ubuntu
(#665912), indicating that a feature added in -110 was causing and fd
leak. In conjunction with LVM, this may have the effect of the user
being spammed by warnings every time a job is executed.

I have verified this and committed a fix. In my personal opinion, the
above bug makes it unsuitable for release, but 1) I may be
overestimating the actual impact and  and 2) it's quite late in the
release process for a change like this.

I'm also considering bumping the severity for #602903, for which we
have a fix pending. The fix just adds $named to the Should-Start: LSB
header in cron's init script. I assume this change would not be too

If you agree with the changes, we would prepare an upload.


> cron (3.0pl1-116) unstable; urgency=low
>   * do_command.c, popen.c:
>     - Use fork() instead of vfork().
>   * do_command.c:
>     - Close an unused stream in the fork()ed child prior to exec'ing the
>       user's command, thereby avoiding an fd leak. Closes: #604181, LP: #665912
>   * cron.init:
>     - Added $named to Should-Start, in case @reboot jobs need DNS resolution.
>       Closes: #602903
>     - Added nslcd to Should-Start. LP: #27520 

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