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Bug#602961: unblock: otrs2/2.4.9+dfsg1-2

Am 27.11.2010 10:55, schrieb Mehdi Dogguy:
On 11/22/2010 09:27 AM, Patrick Matthäi wrote:

No, should I drop this change for squeeze?

It should be ok for this one.

+>  /var/lib/otrs/Config/ZZZAuto.pm +
chown root:www-data /var/lib/otrs/Config/ZZZAuto.pm +
chmod g+w /var/lib/otrs/Config/ZZZAuto.pm

This should set the desired mode explicitly rather than relying on

- chmod g+w /var/lib/otrs/Config/ZZZAuto.pm
+ chmod 0664 /var/lib/otrs/Config/ZZZAuto.pm


Please add this change in your package and upload it. Then, come back to
us once the package has been accepted.

Uploaded and accepted, thanks!

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