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Bug#603982: unblock: unscd/0.47-1 (New Package)

On Thu, 25 Nov 2010, Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
> On 19/11/2010 03:26, Don Armstrong wrote:
> >I've been using it in production for months, and it's been in unstable
> >for a while already; if worst comes to worst and there is a serious
> >problem with it in testing, it can easily be removed. [But unless there
> >are weird architecture-specific problems, I don't foresee this
> >happening.]
> It's been in unstable for a couple of weeks only, it has been
> uploaded only once and it has a limited number of users (according
> to the popcon).

It has only been uploaded once because I've been using earlier
versions of the packaging from my unofficial repositories.

> Moreover, it doesn't seem to fix any RC bug.

unscd was made to resolve the problems seen in nscd where nscd is near
useless in a system with any amount of load (see #574990 et al.)

> So, I'd rather keep it in sid and not unblock it.

That's your decision, but considering the ease with which the package
can be removed if it holds up the release at all (and the real issues
with nscd that it resolves), I'd suggest revisiting this decision.

Don Armstrong

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