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Re: Important or serious bug in loudmouth + libasyncns

On 24/11/10 14:31, Tanguy Ortolo wrote:

I have just faced a bug accros several packages, that has the effect of
rendering any Jabber client based on loudmouth unusable on armel.

This is the bug #566143. Here is a summary:
* loudmouth embeds a copy of libasyncns, version 0.3, that fails on
* the packages libasyncns is version 0.3 too, so it is affected as well.

I would like to help fixing that, but I am not sure of how to proceed.
My guess is that loudmouth should be patched to use the packaged
libasyncns, and that libasyncns should be updated.

I shall work to fix both bugs, but I think none of them would be able to
get into Squeeze, as they are not release-critical, even though they
render other packages unusable. When Squeeze is released, would
squeeze-backport packages be a good solution for that?

Would the release team accept such changes into Squeeze? If this bug makes packages unusable on armel, it may qualify as RC.


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